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Intro to Essential Oils


In this 90 minute oil class, you will be exposed to numerous different essential oils which will allow you to understand which specific oils can be used to help support the body into its natural state of healing. In this class, you will also learn the safe ways to utilize these oils.


Topics covered include:


  1. What are essential oils?

  2. Modern Medicine vs. Natural medicine.

  3. How are oils different from traditional medicine?

  4. Essential Oil quality - what's important?

  5. What to look for in a good essential oil.

  6. How do oils work?

  7. Why do oils work?

  8. What are the varied uses of essential oils?

  9. The building blocks of good health & wellness.

  10. How are essential oils used/applied?

  11. How can essential oils support your current health challenges.

  12. How to incorporate oils into your every day life for optimal health.

  13. How to take control of your own health/healthcare.

  14. How to save money with your healthcare.

  15. Much much more!

Participation in the class includes a free 5 ml bottle of a selected essential oil, a magazine featuring many articles describing the benefits of essential oils, and a certificate for a one-on-one health consulatation ($250 value).


Click below on your nearest city for dates/times and to register for your class!


Mesa, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona



Massage Oil/Cream Blending!

In this 2 hour class, you will learn the basics about blending oils to create your very own custom blended massage oil or cream blend! Come join us for a fun filled night!


Topics covered include:


  1. What are essential oils?

  2. Essential oil quality - what's important?

  3. How do oils work, why do they work, and what do they do?

  4. How are essential oils applied and used?

  5. How to safely blend oils.

  6. How to safely apply oils.

  7. Much much more!


After we cover the basics within the class, you will be making your own cream or massage oil, blended with your choice of essential oils.


Participation in this class includes all supplies necessary to make a 1oz bottle of all-natural. unscented oil or 1oz all nutural, hand made, unscented cream to blend your choice of essential oils.



Classes coming soon!






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